Family Photograph Albums

Although we take more photos than ever before, the family photo album has become a thing of the past for many families. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of images of family and friends are often only stored on mobile phone memory. Even if they are stored to the cloud backup, it is never the same as holding original photos in your hands. I often see old photo albums, sometimes with handwritten notes and names, which are a permanent record for the future.

The most a digital file offers is the date and sometimes not that. It is a sad reality of modern life that images have become so ephemeral, especially the candid, fun photos, such as Christmas and holidays. It is always a good idea to have hard copies made of the more important photos and a traditional photo album is one way of doing this. Another option some people consider is to have entire pages of an existing photo album scanned. These high-resolution scans can be preserved on Discs, hard drives or printed to be kept as a permanent record. Multiple copies can be made for various family members at a lower cost than scanning individual photographs.

An old family photo album

Perhaps the best solution is to have a reproduction album made with copies of all the pages (including notes), made into a new photo book.

Original photo albums can be reproduced as a modern photo book, including pages with notes. Even the front and rear cover can be reproduced for the cover of the new album.