Dating family photographs.

A “timeline” of photography can help to better understand the main photographic developments. In the context of family history photo research, it is important to know type of photograph you are looking at, and when they were made. In the early years of photography, the main advances occurred in the period between 1840-1880. When doing photographic … Continued

Bubble glass frames

Oval bubble glass frames are often advertised for sale on ebay. These are dated from the 1890’s to the 1920’s. The mouldings vary from the elaborate made from plaster, to the more common timber. One often seen is called “Tiger Wood”. (not to be confused with the famous golfer!) The photograph in the frame was … Continued

Commercial Street photography

Commercial Street Photography Many people have photographs taken by commercial street photographers in their collections. Sometimes they are the most candid and personal of  photographs. Taken unprepared, people were seen relaxed, rather than posed as so often they are. Street photographers were a common sight from the 30’s through to the late 50’s in many … Continued