* How much does it cost?

A-  See our price page. (Or email or call for a quote.)


*How long does it take?

A- About 10- 14 days depending on workload. N.B We can do urgent jobs if required.


*Can you make photos sharper/ clearer?

A- This depends on the original. Please call to discuss.


*Can we keep the finished files?

A- Yes. All restoration files are provided at no extra charge.


*Can you restore originals?

A- Often minor damage can be retouched. We need to view the photograph to assess if this is possible.


*Is the original returned?

A- Yes. Your original photo is returned in the same condition we receive it.


*Can you arrange framing?

A- Yes we can. Framing usually takes 2 weeks.


*Can you scan slides and negatives?

A- Yes. Please see our scanning page for details.

Note: We specialise in copying large collections of photographs and slides so please call to discuss your requirements.


* What resolution are the slide/ neg / print scans?

All our scans in raw format using a digital camera (usually about 30mg). The final files are 25cm in length and 360 DPI.

These files can be reproduced to A3 size without loss of quality.

(Note: we are able to make higher resolution files. Please let us know your requirements.)


*Is your work guaranteed?

A- Yes. We stand by our work and offer a money back guarantee on quality.


Photo restoration Melbourne
See our samples page for more examples of our work.