-Photographs will fade in direct sunlight.

-Never laminate photographs. (This cannot be reversed).

-Do not put sticky tape on photographs.

-Never attempt to clean old photos by wiping with water. This will soften the emulsion and tear it.

-Use silica packets in boxes of photos to protect from moisture.

-Don’t put photos face to face as they may stick together.

-Generally, with photographs, the colder the storage, the longer the life.

-N.B. Before attempting any “repairs” on an original photograph consider potential damage. If in doubt, consult a conservator.


“Crayon enlargements” and  “bubble glass” frames.

Bubble glass frames are dated from the 1890’s to the 1920’s.

A crayon enlargement inside a bubble glass oval frame.

The mouldings vary from the elaborate, made from plaster, to the more common timber.

One often seen is called “Tiger Wood”. (not to be confused with the famous golfer!)


The photograph in the frame was called a “Crayon enlargement” and was bowed outwards in a convex shape. This made it fit against the glass which was also convex.

Crayon enlargements were typically made using a bromide print.  They were then mounted on card and while still wet, bowed over a mould to give the convex shape.

The photographic image was underexposed and served as a guide for a final work

The print was then hand coloured using crayons (hence the name), which looks more like a drawing or painting.

The artwork seems rough by todays standards, but the whole effect was striking and would have made a talking point in many Edwardian homes.




“Family History Photographs”. by Peter King.

Family History Photographs by Peter King.

Illustrated with examples, this is a handy guide to anyone wanting to understand their own family photographs.

-The historical background of photography.

-How to date photographs.

-Preservation of photographs.

-Scanning/ copying.


-Organising photographs.

-Photo restoration.

Cost $30.00 including postage.

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Historical Images

The State Library of Victoria has a large collection of historical images that can be downloaded from its website,

“Time out Melbourne” has a number of interesting vintage photographs of Melbourne. 

These are important as we are rapidly losing much of our architectural heritage to modern development. Also, they provide an important reference for how previous generations lived.

The “Paris” end of Collins st. 1950’s

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