Photo Restoration Melbourne

Peter King Retouching Studio is a home-based business that first started in our Glen Iris studio on the 18th of February 1986.

In that time we have restored literally thousands of photographs for customers.

Photo restoration Melbourne
Our display / sales room.

Needless to say, there have been many changes in how photo restorations are made in that time.

Originally the tools of a retoucher were the air brush and darkroom with a limited range of possibilities for photographic restoration.

Todays digital technology has made a vast improvement to what can be achieved; from complex composite restorations,  to restorations of severely damaged photographs.

We have evolved with the changing technology and now offer state of the art equipment and software but our care and attention to quality stays the same as it was in 1986.

We are confident you will be delighted with our service and offer a money back guarantee on all photo restorations.

Please call for an obligation free chat.

We offer friendly personalised service with old fashioned values of quality and honesty.

Your Photo Restoration

  • Your original photograph is copied and the image is digitally retouched.
  • It is then reproduced to your desired size.
  • Images are saved digitally and can be reordered at any time.
  • Your precious original is returned to you along with the reproduction.
  • The whole process usually takes 7-10 days depending on workload.
  • You can have a beautiful custom frame made at this stage; (this usually takes an extra week.)
  • Finished files are available on request.

Short photo restoration video.

Retouch original photographs & frames.

Often it is possible to repair damaged original photos. Please call for an appointment so we can make an assessment to see if this is possible

Photo Composites/ Montages

We can make custom composite images/ prints, from your original photographs or files.

Photo Books

We can make custom photo books for family history presentation.


We do scanning of prints, all size negatives and slides as well as large format scanning.


“Research Preserve and Restore old photographs”, talk by Peter King.

A one hour talk and Powerpoint presentation consisting of,

A historical background of photography,

How to date photographs,

Preservation of photographs,

Scanning, copying photographs,

Organising photographs,Photo restoration.

Attendees are encouraged to bring in their own old photos for assesment.

The next talk is an on line presentation for the Stonnington History Centre on the 23rd September 2020.

Call 82 901360 to book

“Family History Photographs”.

Family History Photographs by Peter King.

Illustrated with examples, this is a handy guide to anyone wanting to understand their own family photographs.

-The historical background of family photographs.

-How to date photographs.

-Preservation of photographs.

-Scanning/ copying.


-Organising photographs.

-Photo restoration.

Cost $30.00 including postage.

Contact  us or call 03 9885 9586